Our camps maintain an intensive focus on skating and skill progression. With a number of highly qualified instructors, we offer an excellent ratio of coaches to athletes.  These camps are designed to help develop and integrate the critical skills necessary to succeed at the next level.

Inside Edge Girls Summer Skills Camp - 2020!

June 29 – July 1, 2020

8 am – 1 pm

Ages 9+

Capped at 18 skaters



Our Inside Edge Girls Summer Skills Camp is back! Athletes can expect high intensity on-ice sessions lead by a coaching staff that focuses on individual skill development and a positive learning environment. Skating, puck control, and shooting are the major skill developmental areas covered. In addition to those fundamental skills, offensive and defensive tactics will be covered both in a video session and on the ice.

This camp is not intended for those learning how to skate. Athletes must have some prior background in skating to attend.


Inside Edge Goaltender Development Camp - 2020

July 10 – July 12, 2020

8 am – 1 pm

Ages 9+ unless permission granted

Capped at 12 Goaltenders!


The Inside Edge Goaltender Development Camp is designed for goaltenders who want to develop both the physical and cerebral elements of their game. Goaltenders will work through several skating, edgework, and movement progressions that will culminate in situational game-based drills.  In addition to the on-ice training, goaltenders will have the opportunity to study and analyze their movement patterns through an in-depth video session. The first day of camp will use video of high level NHL, OHL, and NCAA goaltenders. The remaining days will feature video of each individual goaltender, allowing instructors an additional opportunity to help reiterate specific points and help maximize development. This camp is capped at 12! Sign up early!

Inside Edge Player Development Camp - 2020!

July 20 – July 22, 2020

8 am – 1 pm

Age Group: Peewee Year 2 and Bantam Years 1&2

Capped at 16 Skaters


This Inside Edge Player Development Camp is for players within the Peewee Year 2 and Bantam Years 1 and 2 age bracket. Athletes can expect extensive skating work and high intensity on-ice sessions. In addition to foundational skills like skating, puck handling, and shooting, coaches will go over more in-depth individual offensive and defensive tactics. These on-ice sessions are complemented with off ice video analysis. The first day of camp will use video based from NHL, NCAA, and OHL games.

Our dryland training will be specifically focused on stickhandling and shooting. We will provide high quality stickhandling tiles so athletes can bring their sticks outside.

This camp will go over some body contact aspects as well skills on how to help minimize contact or accept it safely. 

The aim of this camp is to not only help players develop, but to teach them the right way to perform a skill. Thus, allowing them the ability to self-correct their movement patterns beyond the time frame of the camp.

Junior Pounders & Inside Edge Summer Camp - 2020!

July 6 – July 9, 2020

9 am – noon

Ages 6-10 unless permission granted

To register for this camp, please visit www.penobscoticearena.org or click the link below.

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